Up In Arms Studios

Up In Arms Studio is located in Edmonton’s historical downtown Chinatown district. Along with long-time collaborator Touch, Nato has overseen the creation of this space into a boutique-style oasis designed to stimulate comfort and creativity. It comes complete with several custom, acoustically designed rooms to maximize audio quality. In terms of recording gear, Nato’s pieces are top of the line. This includes the following high-end studio equipment:

Neumann/Miktek/Shure microphones. Monitoring section: Focal SM9 monitors/Yamaha NS10 w Bryston amp/Dangerous Music Monitor ST/Crane Song HEDD converters. Compressors: Tube Tech CL1B compressor, Avalon VT 737 channel strip, WA1176

Recent projects: Merkules (Scars (WCMA nominated)/Trust Your Gut), Drezus (Public Enemy/Indian Summer (5 Indigenous Awards)/Red Winter (Aboriginal Award)), Snak the Ripper (Just Giver (WCMA nominated))

Over-the-internet mixing and mastering is also available.

Inquire about completing your project with Up In Arms Studios: